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# 1076

Bookends by Armor Bronze.  Circa 1928. Very rare.

The Athlete” 

# 2117

Polo Player”

Gifts for the Sports Enthusiast


From Boxing to Chariot Racing, here you’ll find pieces from our collection for the Sports man or woman in your life. 

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Horse Race”

Bookends by  Dodge, circa 1930s.

# 3434

$195 / pr

Discus Thrower by Pompeian Bronze

Discus Thrower”

.Bookends by Pompeian Bronze, circa 1928.

# 1056

 $225 / pr

 $185 / pr 

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Polo Player bookends by Littco

Bookends by Littco. Circa 1925.

The Athlete bookends by ArmorHorse Race, bookends by DodgeFootball Player, bookends by Hubley

“Football Player”

Circa 1925. Excellent condition.

# 2118

$375 / pr