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We have selected the items from our collections that we think would make charming gifts for children, and have listed them below.  Children will love the thought that went into your selection. These are antiques of the finest quality, and as the child grows, these will become cherished heirlooms. 

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$395 / pr

# 1025

Bookends in polychrome by Armor Bronze, circa 1914. 

"Child Reading" 

Gifts for the Children

Child Reading, bookends by Armor BronzeSailor Boy and Dog, bookends by Frankart

"Sailor Boy & Dog" 

Bookends by Frankart, Circa 1934. Little sailor boy.

# 3105

$225 / pr

Dutch Children, bookends by Frankart

"Dutch Children" 

Bookends by Frankart, Circa 1934.

# 3103

$225 / pr

Reading a Story, bookends by Jennings Bros.

"Reading a Story" 

Bookends by Jennings Brothers , circa 1924. 

# 3210

$425 / pr

Celebration, bookends by Jennings BrosDutch Children with Sailboat, bookends by Jennings Bros

"Dutch Children" 


Bookends by Jennings Brothers , circa 1930. 

Bookends by Jennings Brothers , circa 1930. 

# 3217

# 3216

$225 / pr

$650 / pr

"Sleeping Beauty" 

# 3330

$825 / pr

Goose Girl green glas figurine by FostoriaVictorian Girl & Boy in carnival glass by Wheaton

"Goose Girl" 

“Victorian Boy&Girl”

Glass figurine by LE Smith, circa 1970s. 

Boy & Girl in carnival glass by Wheaton, circa 1970s.

# 4418

# 4419


$25 / pr

Thinker Boy bookends, 1928

"Thinker Boy" 

Bookends, manuf unknown, circa 1928.

# 3010

$135 / pr

Two Infants bookends by NAL Co

# 3021

$325 / pr

Bookends by NAL Co, circa 1903.

“Two Infants”

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Sleeping Beauty bookends by Ronson

Bookends by Ronson, circa 1927. Very rare.

Baby in a Book, bookends by Armor Bronze

# 1081

$445 / pr

Bookends by Armor Bronze, circa 1915.

“Baby in a Book”