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Pompeian Bronze

Circa 1920s


Price: $990 .



Sunfishing by Paul Herzel for Pompeian Bronze- Circa 1920s.  Bronze Clad single sculpture with rich dark bronze patina.  Measures 11-1/4” high x 7” wide by 3” deep. Weighs 4 lbs.   A rare find.  A magnificent piece in outstanding condition.



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Sunfishing sculpture by Paul HerzelSunfishing sculpture by Paul Herzel


“With this very clever and artistic piece of sculpture, Mr. Paul Herzel carries us back to the days of the old West. We see here a cowboy “breaking” a wild mustang, who vainly tries to throw off the unaccustomed load on his back. This dramatic incident shows the power of intelligence over brute force, of man’s conquest of nature for his own use.

“The term “Sunfishing” was adopted by the cowboys and plainsmen when a mustang, in his efforts to unseat the rider, took wild buck jumps from side to side. The brilliant sunlight of the plains flashing on horse and rider and their accoutrements, no doubt suggested the flash of the sunfish in sparkling water.

“A very handsome decoration for the radio cabinet, desk, library table, etc. Can be used either singly as an art object or in pairs as bookends. Finished in statuary bronze or in gold colors. Stands 11-1/4 inches high to top of hat.”


“SUNFISHING” by Paul Herzel                                                                                                          (from the original Pompeian Bronze catalog)