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Pompeian Bronze

Circa 1920

“North African Warrior”

Price: $ 650 

“North African Warrior” by Pompeian Bronze, circa 1920, single bookend or sculpture, signed Paul Herzel (sculptor), bronze-clad, polychrome, 11” high, marked Paul Herzel (sculptor).  Extremely rare.  Beautiful condition. Great detail.                   


North African Warrior photo 1


· Extremely rare

· Beautiful condition

· Great detail and color


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From 1916 to 1918, Legendary British Captain T.E. Lawrence played a dashing role in helping the Arabs against the Turks during World War I.  Accounts of Lawrence's bravery were made public by the sensationalized reporting of American journalist Lowell Thomas.  And Lawrence’s vivid writings, along with his extraordinary activities and associations, have made him the object of fascination throughout the world as "Lawrence of Arabia".


In 1916, The Ottoman Empire controlled Syria, Palestine and much of the Arabian Peninsula.  The Ottomans in Turkey, with the fourth largest army in the world, were well-equipped, well trained, and well known for persecuting Arabs.

Taking on Arab costume himself, Lawrence began to work with King Sharif Hussein and his sons Abdullah and Feisal, to launch a full-scale revolt of the Arab tribes against Turkish Ottoman armies.   Lawrence convinced Arab leaders to follow British war strategies.   His guerilla warfare tactics proved successful in undermining the Turks.   In 1917 the Ottoman armies were driven out.  In 1918,  Damascus was liberated from Ottoman Rule.  By the end of World War I,  the Ottoman Empire was effectively finished off.  Arab forces now controlled all of modern Jordan, most of the Arabian Peninsula and Southern Syria.  

Long before the movie, Lawrence of Arabia, was made…even before Rudolph Valentino became “The Sheik” in 1921…   American foundries, such as Hubley  and Pompeian Bronze were producing bookends to celebrate the legend of T.E. Lawrence.


 The Sheik    The Bedouin

Lawrence of ArabiaLawrence of Arabia




The Arab