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Founded in 1911 by the Startzman family, PMC produced casket hardware using permanent bronze mold slush-metal castings.  In the 1950s, the company began producing a line of slush-metal cast bookens using molds of their own design as well as molds acquired from Jennings Brothers and the K&O Company.

 In the 1970s, the company moved from Philadelphia to its present location in Lakeland, Florida where it still produces a line of quality bookends under the name, PM Craftsman. Company President Linda Startzman Schofield represents the third generation of the Startzmans to run the firm.


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Phila. Manuf - PM Craftsmen


Circa 1964. Outstanding condition.

# 3044


Bronc Rider”

Circa 1970’s. Original felt and paper label.

# 3032


Bronc Rider by PM CraftsmanPM Craftsmen logoThoroughbred Horse Head bookends

“Thoroughbred Horse Head”

Inscribed on back.  Circa 1950s

# 3019


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# 6078

$95 / pr

Desk ornament circa 1960’s. Like new condition.


Horse desk ornament by Philadelphia Manuf CoEagle bookends by Phila. Mfg. Co.