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Paden City Glass Co.

Circa 1940

Rearing Horse

$750 / pair

Rearing Horse Paden City from Barth Art Glass mold. Circa 1940. Stunning deco horses were originally designed by Italian sculptor, Mario Petrucci in the 1920s for a North Bohemian glass factory.  Harry Barth redesigned the mold for Paden City to produce.  The glass was then sent back to Barth’s company for cutting, grinding and polishing, then sold under the Barth label.  Measures 10” high from the 4” x 5” base. Weighs 4 lbs. each.  Fluoresces yellow under a UV light.    A rare, highly sought-after collectible in excellent condition.  Some minor roughness around base.  

# 4308

Rearing Horse photoRearing Horse photo

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