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# 4303

1916 – 1951, Paden City, West Virginia

Paden City’s wares, until 1948, were all hand-made.  Many of the company’s “elegant glass” animals,  which are featured here – were designed by Harry Barth.  Paden City kept a low profile, never advertised, and never marked its glass in any way.  Rising collector interest in Paden City “elegant glass” has resulted in a sharp spike in prices.


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. Circa 1930s. Probably Harry Barth design.

Sea Horse Bookends

$225 .

# 4305

Circa 1940. A rare and elegant solid crystal figurine.

Chinese Pheasant

Paden City Glass Co.

Pouter Pigeon (pair)

$355 / pr

Circa 1940. Never reissued.

# 4301

Chanticleer Rooster

Circa 1940. Large, elegant glass in pale blue.

 $425 .

# 4304

Is It New Martinisville? …Viking.? …Paden City?...

or the Barth Art Company?


After resigning in 1940 from his position as General Manager of New Martinsville Glass Company, Harry Barth, an outstanding glass designer, opened Barth Art Company.  As Barth’s designs were completed, they were sent to Paden City Glass Co. for production.  The glassware that was sent back to Barth’s company for finishing work (polishing, grinding and cutting)  was sold under his label.  In 1952 he sold some of his molds to Viking Glass Co.  Several Paden City items for sale here are the highly sought-after Harry Barth designs.  Some were originally attributed to New Martinsville, but were actually produced by Paden City Glass.

Pouter Pigeon by Paden CityPaden City crystal Sea Horse bookendsPaden City Chanticleer RoosterPaden City crystal Chinese Pheasant

Tall Pony

Circa 1940. Original Barth Art mold.

# 4306


Paden City crystal Tall Pony

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Rearing Horses by Paden City

Rearing Horse

Circa 1940. A rare collectible!

# 4308

$750 / pr