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Boyd’s Crystal Art Glass

Zach The Elephant

Price: $30 .

“Zach the Elephant” – Boyd’s Crystal Art Glass – Circa 1981 –  Zach #2 in “Crown Tuscan” color was issued on September 17, 1982.  Measures 3-1/2” high x 4” wide.  Weighs 1 lb. Inscribed Shopmark diamond B and number 2. 

# 4413

Photo Zach the Elephant by Boyd

Father and Son, Bernard C. and Bernard F. Boyd opened for business in 1978 to make glass the old fashioned way.  Four generations of Boyds worked in the glass business,  starting with Zach Boyd, who, in 1901 at the age of 13 began working for Cambridge Glass.  The Boyds brought to their new company the techniques, formulas and secrets of making glass in colors which have made Boyd Glass animal figurines a highly popular collectible.

Circa 1981


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