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By Pompeian Bronze, circa 1920 . Beautiful condition and detail.

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In addition to our Bookends and Glass, we have been enhancing our collection with a variety of other items from the same era such as lamps, mantel clocks, doorstops, statues, etc. Many of these items were made by the same companies as the bookends but we felt they deserved a page of their own. 

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North African Warrior, statue by Pompeian Bronze

“North African Warrior”

# 1038

 $ 725.

German Shepherd, statue by Jennings brothers

“German Shepherd”

Statue by Jennings Bros. , circa 1930 . Artfully sculpted.

# 6076

 $ 475. 

Silver Stallion, figurine

“Silver Stallion”

Figurine made in Jerusalem.

# 6077

 $ 245. 

Horse desk ornament by Philadelphia Manuf CoFemale Musician, bronze and ivory figurine


Desk ornament by Phila. Manuf. Co. Circa 1960’s. Like new condition.

# 6078

# 6079

 $ 95. 

 $ 1150

Female Musician

Bronze and ivory figurine on marble base. Circa 1920’s. Beautiful!

Saddled Western Horse, figurine by Jennings Brothers

“Saddled Western Horse”

# 6080



# 6081

Bronze figurine by Jennings Bros.  Circa 1930’s.

Bronze figurine, circa 1930’s. Beautifully finished.

“Galloping Horse”

Galloping Horse, Bronze figurine Prairie Chicken, pottery by Royal Dux

“Prairie Chicken”

S.American Folk Art Llama

Royal Dux (Grouse) pottery. MATTE or GLOSS finish.

Age unknown. Wood and metal on wood. Striking appearance.

# 5065—66

# 6082

 $ 155. 

 $ 255 / pr 

South American Folk Art Giraffes

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French Deco Gazelles

“French Deco Gazelles”

French Bronze sculpture by Irenee Rochard, Circa 1930s.

# 6094

 $ 2600.

Sylphie the Setter sculptureHobo Pipe Rack

“Sylphie the Setter”

“Hobo” Pipe Rack

Circa 1860. Sculpture by P.J. Mene. Bronze on marble base.

Cast iron, polychrome pipe rack. Circa 1930s.

# 6096

# 6087

 $ 1800.

 $ 65.

Bronze Girl on a Swing

“Girl on a Swing” 

Art Nouveau design in bronze,  Circa 1920s.

# 6091

 $ 195.

1903 Ford Model A Decanter

1931 Duesenberg Phaeton Decanter

1934 Duesenberg Model J Phaeton

1903 Ford Model A - Jim Beam decanter1931 Duesenberg Phaeton Jim Beam decanter1934 Duesenberg Model J Phaeton - Jim Beam decanter

# 6109

# 6107

# 6108

 $ 60.



Vintage decanter from Jim Beam Distillery.

Vintage Jim Beam decanter. Century Porcelain.

Vintage Jim Beam decanter. Regal China.

“Colt Figurine” 

“Napoleon in Exile” 

By K&O. White metal with bronze finish. Circa 1930.

Electrified sculpture in French bronze. Circa 1920s

# 6092

# 3030


 $ 1650.

Colt figurineNapoleon in Exile - electrified sculpture

“Napoleon in Exile” 

Sculpture by Selesio in French bronze. Circa 1920

# 3037

 $ 950.

Napoleon in exile sculptureDonkey Still Bank

“Donkey Still Bank” 

Iron 2 piece construction, coin slotted. Circa 1930s.

# 6093