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Opened 1901 in New Martinsville, West Virginia“with a 12 pot furnace and a 4 ton tank” to manufacture tableware and glass novelties.  From 1938 to1944 New Martinsville began producing solid glass animal figurines and bookends.   The first trade ads appeared in Dec. 1941 for “New decorative pieces in our heavy lusterous “Viking Crystal.” The ad also introduced the name Viking which reflected the “Swedish” style handmade quality glassware. In 1944 Viking became the new name of New Martinsville Glass.  Around that time, Tennessee Williams wrote his first successful play, “The Glass Menagerie,”which won the New York Drama Critics Circle Award.  (Heisey animals were used in the play.) Suddenly, everyone was collecting glass animals! Viking Glass continued the line of animal figurines through 1950s, and reissued older molds right up to the time they closed in 1986.  Many of New Martinsville’s most collectible glass animals from 1938 to 1944 are featured here.


Activity from “New Martinsville’s Private Mold Customers” during the late 1930s to the mid 1940s was an important part of NM business.  Major, high-end giftware distributors such as Wiel Freeman, Ebeling & Reuss, and Marks and Rosenfeld, would submit their own mold designs to NM for production. Designs for the Tigers, received at the NM mold shop in 1940 from Wiel Freeman, may have been made solely for the giftware trade as they do not appear in any New Martinsville catalogs or price lists.  The Horse (Head Up), Eagle, and the Nautilus Shell Vase molds were also owned by Wiel Freeman.


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Circa 1940.  Extremely rare.

Horse, Head Up


#  4210

Circa 1940. Extremely rare.

Tiger, Head Down

New Martinsville Glass Co.

The Woodsman

Police Dog

Circa 1941. Brilliant artistry in this hard to find pair.

Circa 1940. One of the earliest NM animal figurines.

$155 / pr

$365 / pr

Tiger, Head Up

Circa 1940. Magnificent figurine.

#  4209

$525 / pr

#  4204

# 4219

# 4203

# 4206

# 4211

#  4202

#  4214

Porpoise on Wave

Circa 1940s. Very rare .

Eagle Bookends

Circa 1941. #509 in New Martinsville collectors guide.

$255 / pr

Elephant Bookends

Bent Tail Rooster

Circa 1942.  Part of NM’s “Barnyard” series.

Gazelle Leaping

Circa 1940. Hard to find glass Gazelle.


$255 / pr

Circa 1942. Excellent condition.


New Martinsville Wolfhound bookendsNew Martinsville Elephant bookendsNew Martinsville Police Dog bookendsRare glass porpoise by New Martinsville, Porpoise on a WaveNew Martinsville glass Gazelle LeapingNew Martinsville bookends, Horse, Head UpNew Martinsville Tiger, head upNew Martinsville crystal Tiger, head downNew Martinsville bookends, Bent Tail RoosterNew Martinsville glass Eagle bookendsNew Martinsville glass Squirrel bookendsNew Martinsville glass Nautilus Shell crystal vase bookends

Squirrel Bookends

Nautilus Shell Vase


Circa 1942. Wonderful condition.

Circa 1940. Crystal vase or bookends, or both!

Circa 1944. Viking reissue of older NM mold. 

# 4215

# 4217

# 4216




Circa 1940. Crystal Russian Borzoi bookends.


#  4201

$255 / pr

Vintage glass Seal bookends by New Martinsville

Seal Bookends

Circa 1938. Very beautiful and in mint condition.

# 4205


Is it Viking or is it New Martinsville?

In 1941, NM completely revamped, remodeled and restyled the company in preparation for a completely different kind of glass production. In December 1941, they began advertising their new Swedish style glass – The Viking Line”, with the full intention of later changing their name.   In 1944 the company name was changed to The Viking Glass Company.


There is a lot of confusion among collectors regarding whether these figurines are Viking or New Martinsville. The new Viking company retained all of New Martinsville’s molds and continued production through the 1950s.  In 1944, at the time of the name change, several pieces that appeared in Viking’s first catalog had already been in production several years earlier under the New Martinsville name.  These included  the Seal, Elephant, Wolfhound and Porpoise.  They are listed here as New Martinsville, but were  produced until the early 1950s by Viking.  The few  New Martinsville pieces listed here that do not fluoresce yellow under UV light were probably produced in the late 1940s or early 1950s by Viking from the original NM molds.  These include The Porpoise, Rearing Horse bookends and the Angelfish.

New Martinsville - Angelfish

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Clipper Ship bookends by New Martinsville

“Clipper Ship”

Solid clear crystal bookends. Circa 1938.

# 4218

$195 / pr 

The Woodsman crystal bookends by New Martinsville Glass

$295 / pr