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Judd Manufacturing Company’s roots date back to 1833 as a harness manufacturer

in New Britain, Connecticut.  The firm changed hands among family members and company names for a hundred years as it evolved into the J.H.Judd Co. of Wallingford, Connecticut.


In 1864, Albert, Edward and Hubert Judd moved the company to New Haven, Connecticut, then to its permanent location in Wallingford, Connecticut.  A few years later, Hubert Judd struck out on his own to start the H.L.Judd Company in Brooklyn, NY.  In 1886, H.L.Judd  took control of the Wallingford plant.


In the early 1910s, they began to produce a decorative art metal line of fine-quality sand castings in iron, brass and bronze.  Among these items were bookends and book racks, which were produced between 1910 and the late 1930s.


Judd identified their bookends with a 9000 series stock number.  The prefix “0” was used in front of the 9000 series number on iron castings only when the same design was cast in both bronze and iron.


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H. L. Judd Company

Goose Girl bookends by Judd Company

Circa 1925. Extremely rare.

Goose Girl”

# 3024


goosegirl logo

Lincoln Thinking”

Circa 1925. Inscribed on back.

# 2097


Lincoln Thinking bookends by Judd Co.Arabic Scholar bookends by Judd Co

Arabic Scholar”

Circa 1920’s. Beautifully detailed.

# 2109


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Full Headdress photo

Full Headdress”

Circa 1925. Beautiful patina.

# 2115


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