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Jennings Brothers Mfg. Co.

Circa 1927

“Pioneer Woman”

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Pioneer Woman ” -  Jennings Bros.— by Bryant Baker © 1927.  Gray Metal. Measures 8-1/2” high x 4” wide x 4” deep.  Weighs 7 lbs. the pair.  Original felt and labels on bottom which read: “Reproduction of Statue erected at Ponca City, Oklahoma, heart of the Cherokee Strip. Gift of Mr. E.W. Marland in memory of the pioneer women of America.  Designed and copyrighted by Mr. Bryant Baker. Manufactured exclusively by The Jennings Bros. Mfg. Co., Bridgeport, Conn., Artware of Distinction.   Shopmark: JB8355.  Inscribed: Bryant Baker © 1927.  Extremely hard to find in this outstanding condition.        

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Pioneer Woman bookends by Jennings BrothersPioneer Woman bookends by Jennings BrothersPioneer Woman bookends by Jennings Brothers



In 1927 twelve of the world’s finest sculptors were recruited to create their version of a “Pioneer Woman” for a sculptural competition sponsored by Ponca City, Oklahoma millionaire oilman, E.W.Marland.  The exhibit went on tour across America and the 12 sculptures were viewed by over 750,000 people who cast a vote for their favorite.  When they reached Reinhardt Galleries in New York City, The New York Times reported: “The Exhibit created more interest than any exhibition of sculpture New York has known in a long while.” 



“Bryant Baker’s striding figure of a woman whose skirts are blown backward in a prairie breeze, who carries a Bible in one hand, leads her scampish, belligerent little boy with the other. … His depiction shows a beautiful and shapely young woman striding into the American dawn, a Bible in hand, a wide-awake boy trotting at her side, who appears mightily absorbed by the new life unfolding about him.” – Time Magazine



On December 21, 1927 the winner was announced at Reinhardt Galleries.

Bryant Baker’s model – called “Confidence” was the favorite in eleven cities, receiving the most overall votes.  Baker won a $100,000 grand prize and the commission to construct a 27 ft. high monument in Ponca City, Oklahoma.



“On her right arm the woman carries a bundle, representing the burden of life and all her worldly goods.  Under her right arm she holds a Bible which Mr. Baker said was a vital factor in building up this country.” The New York Times



On April 22, 1930, the 6-ton, 27 ft. high Pioneer Woman monument was unveiled in Ponca City.  During the public ceremony over 40,000 came to hear Will Rogers pay tribute to Oklahoma’s pioneers.  President Herbert Hoover addressed the nation on radio:  “It was those women who carried the refinement, the moral character and spiritual force into the West. Not only they bore great burdens of daily toil and the rearing of families, but they were intent that their children should have a chance.”



Bryant Baker won the $100,000 Grand Prize… Ponca City, Oklahoma got it’s “Pioneer Woman” Monument… and Jennings Bros. won the exclusive contract for bookends.


Bryant Baker Pioneer Woman Monument in Poca City, OklaBryant Baker Pioneer Woman Monument in Poca City, Okla