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In the 1920s, Jennings Brothers added a line of high-quality bookends to their manufacturing operations and produced some of the most finely crafted art metal pieces throughout the 1920s and 1930s.  JB’s timely and expensive production techniques relied on the talent and handwork of  expert artists, sculptors and metal craftsmen. This did not lend itself to machine-directed mass-production, and hiring such talent became an economic burden that threatened the company’s survival. By the early 1940s, JB changed their manufacturing operations to focus on the War effort.


All of JB pieces are made of cast gray metal.  Even though many pieces are done by famous artists, most are not directly artist signed.  All are marked with the letters JB.  There is no other manufacturer whose finishing techniques remain as durable as Jennings Brothers.  JB bookends and animal figurines are highly prized by collectors worldwide.


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Circa 1924. Very rare

“Reading a Story”

$425 / pr

Jennings Brothers Mfg. Co.


“Pioneer Woman”

“German Shepherd”

“Dutch Children”

“Gloucester Sailor”

“Searching Goose”


“Pioneer Woman”

“Christopher Columbus”

Circa 1930s.

Circa 1927. By Bryant Baker. Very Rare!

Circa 1930. A lovely pair

Circa 1930.  Beautifully detailed.

Circa 1930. Hard to find pair

Circa 1927. Single bookend. Repro of Poca City, Okla statue.

Circa 1930. Extremely rare.

Circa 1929. Excellent condition.

Circa 1930. Hard to find.










$195 / pr

$255 / pr



$650 / pr



$475 .

$225 / pr

Reading a Story, bookends by Jennings Bros.Spaniel, bookends by Jennings Bros.Searching Goose, bookends by Jennings BrosGerman Shepherd, bookends by Jennings BrosCelebration, bookends by Jennings BrosDutch Children with Sailboat, bookends by Jennings BrosGloucester Sailor, bookends by Jennings BrosChristopher Columbus, bookends by Jennings Bros

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Pioneer Woman bookends by Jennings BrothersPioneer Woman single bookend by Jennings BrothersLearning to Write bookends by Jennings

“Learning to Write”

Circa 1936. Inscribed JB 797.


$325 / pr

Sir Francis Drake bookends by Jennings Bros photo


$165  / pr

Circa 1925. Mint condition.

“Sir Francis Drake”

Dante & Beatrice on Open Book - bookends by Jennings Bros


$355  / pr

“Dante & Beatrice on Open Book”

Circa 1935. Absolutely perfect condition!