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JB Hirsch Foundry

Circa 1920’s

“Chanteuse” Female Figurine

Price $185.

Female “Chanteuse” Bronze Figurine  - J.B. Hirsch Foundry, Original mold circa 1920s, was one of hundreds of original French sculptural molds broken into pieces and hidden from marauding armies in France during World War II.  After the War, from 1948 to 1963, JB Hirsch’s son, Abraham went to France to locate and acquire the broken molds from 15 French foundries. From reassembling the jigsaw puzzle of scrambled parts for over 200 subjects, the Hirsch Foundry put together The Collection Francaise  which was exhibited at the Paris Lighting Exhibition in January 1981.  This figurine was part of the collection.  Bronze with painted face, on marble base.  Measures 6” high on a 2” x 2” square base. Weighs approx. 1 lb. Foundry stamp says: “Collection Francaise, Made in USA”.  Excellent condition.  An elegant piece of art and history.

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