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JB Hirsch bookends -- romantic, elaborate, and elegantly designed --  are the most sought after of all bookend manufacturers. They are usually figural pieces cast in pure spelter (“French bronze”) and usually reflect the chryselephantine movement, displaying ivorine (celluloid) faces, hands and other parts. In some cases, the parts are painted to resemble ivorine.

( Brief history of the JB Hirsch Company)

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$445 / pr

# 3553

Circa 1925. Excellent condition. 

“Spinning Wheel”

$650 / pr

# 3542

Circa 1925. Celluloid face on polished stone base.

JB Hirsch

“Soldier with Sabre”

Circa 1931. Very rare and hard to find. Great condition.

“Lighting the Way”


$550 / pr

$550 / pr

# 3540

# 3543

# 3544

$260 / pr

Circa 1925. Excellent condition.

Circa 1930. Very good condition. Very rare.

“Shepherd on a Log”

# 3546


(one only). Circa 1932. Great condition.


Soldier with Sabre, bookends by JB HirschPirate, bookends by JB HirschShepherd on a Log, bookends by JB HirschCellist, single bookend by JB HirschVictorian Girl bookends by JB Hirsch

“Victorian Girl”

Circa 1926. celluloid face on marble base.

# 3548

$345 / pr

Gerdago Girl Pixie bookend by JB Hirsch

“Gerdago Girl Pixie”

(one only). Circa 1928.

# 3549


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Chanteuse female figurine


Female figurine, circa 1920s

# 6090


Asian Warrior

“Asian Warrior”

Circa 1930. celluloid face on marble-onyx base.

“French Deco Pheasant”

Circa early 1930s. Veined marble book base.

# 3550

# 3556



Asian Warrior logoLighting the Way bookends

“Chinese Man”


“Beethoven Lamp”

“Lady on Divan”

Circa 1933. Celluloid face and hands.

Bookends, circa 1932.

Circa 1932. Celluloid keyboard. Inscribed, works great!

Circa 1925. Italian marble base.

# 3555

# 3547

# 3552

# 3554

$325 / pr

$350 / pr


$350 / pr

Beethoven Lamp by JB HirschBeethoven bookends by JB HirschChinese Man bookends by JB HirschLady on Divan bookends by JB Hirschimage spinning wheel bookends by JB HirschFrench Deco Pheasant bookends by JB HirschDancing Couple bookends by JB Hirsch

“Dancing Couple”

Circa 1930s. Painted gray metal on white marble base.

# 3557

$315 / pr

Pirate seated on Trinket Box by JB HirschLady Pirate on trinket box by JB Hirsch

“Lady Pirate on Chest”

“Pirate on Chest”

Circa 1960s. Seated on hinged gray metal trinket box.

# 3559

# 3558



Circa 1932. Seated on cedar lined hinged trinket box.

Cellist by JB Hirsch photo


Circa 1932. With original Bows!

# 3562

$650 / pr

Man Reading bookends by JB Hirsch

“Man Reading”

Circa 1932. Celluloid head on marble base.

# 3564


King's Minstrel bookends by JB Hirsch

“King’s Minstrel”

Circa 1925. Celluloid face on marble base.

# 3566

$650 / pr

Lincoln Memorial bookends by JB Hirsch

“Lincoln Memorial”

Circa 1925. Celluloid head on marble base.

# 3567

$375 / pr