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What?  Not really a company???


That’s right…just a made-up name to classify a group of outstanding bookends, all with similar characteristics that indicate they were made by the same company.

Their permanent mold gray metal casting styles are the same.   They are beautifully detailed, and finished in similar color combinations.  They usually have an identifying number inscribed on the back.  Many of them appeared in Sears Catalogs in the 1920s and 1930s indicating that they may have been made by a well-known manufacturer under private label for Sears Roebuck.  The “Loie Fuller” bookends could have been made under private label for “Loie Fuller”.  She was known to have sold “souvenirs of herself in theatres where she performed.  It’s just a theory, but the bookends are spectacular.


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X-1 Company


Butterfly Girl, bookends by X-1 Company

Butterfly Girl

Circa 1927.  This could be one of the most elegant bookends ever made. They were originally sold through a 1927 Sears Roebuck catalog. Extremely rare. 

# 3760

Loie Fuller, bookends by X-1 Company

Loie Fuller

Circa 1927. Very rare and wonderful age appropriate condition. .  Marie Louise Fuller was the first American modern dancer to perform in Europe.

# 3761

$675 / pr

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