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The Genius of McClelland Barclay (1891—1943)

You may have never heard of McClelland Barclay, but surely you have seen his work if you ever noticed the ads in old magazines.. or old War posters.  Barclay was an award-winning painter; acclaimed Madison Avenue advertising artist, editorial illustrator; successful sculptor;  designer of Art Deco costume jewelry;  started his own metal arts company; designed military camouflage for Navy combat aircraft, served in both World Wars;  was appointed Lieutenant Commander in the Naval Reserve; volunteered as a combat artist, and, at 52 years old,  on July 18, 1943 lost his life in the Pacific theatre of World War II when the ship he was on, headed to the Solomon Islands from Guadalcanal, was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine.


Beginning with an award for his first War Poster in 1917, Barclay received numerous awards for recruitment posters during both World Wars.  His works represent a large part of the Navy Art Collection at the Naval Historical Center in Washington, DC.


On Madison Avenue, his images of fashionable and strikingly beautiful people for General Motors’ “Body by Fisher” ad campaign made Barclay’s work recognizable to virtually every magazine reader in the country.  He also illustrated ads for Whitman’s Chocolates, Texaco Oil, Camel and Chesterfield cigarettes.  His illustrations graced the covers of Ladies’ Home Journal, Saturday Evening Post, Cosmopolitan and other well known magazines.


 Barclay designed, sculpted and cast many of his own pieces through McClelland Barclay Art Company.  These pieces are signed McClelland Barclay.  A number of molds were also cast by Dodge, Inc., without the inscribed Barclay name.


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McClelland Barclay

Toadstool & Frog by McClelland Barclay

“Toadstool & Frog”


Circa 1929. Original Seeing Eye dog.

Circa 1922. Extremely rare in great condition.



Buddy seeing eye dog by McClelland Barclay

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