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The Littlestown Hardware and Foundry Company, Inc. began as a gray iron foundry on May 24, 1916.  They are still in operation today in Littlestown, Pennsylvania, producing commercial aluminum castings.


Between the world wars, they began producing a line of heavy solid cast iron decorative items for the home including doorstops and bookends from 1920 to 1932.  Their catalog featured over 40 designs, some of which were sculpted by a local artist living in nearby Wrightstown, Pa.  In 1941, the price of their most expensive bookend was 80 cents per pair.  During World War II, raw materials for bookends were not “essential” so bookend production ceased, and LITTCO began manufacturing products for the war effort.


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“Pirate with Chest”

LITTCO Foundry

”Fisherman w/Net”

# 2123

$225 / pr

Circa 1928. Excellent condition..

Circa 1928. Vibrant original paint.

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Pirate by Littco


Att. to Littco. Circa 1925. Great condition..

# 2091

$110 / pr


“Scottie on Fence”


One only.  Circa 1925. Great shape and quite rare.

Att. to Littco. Circa 1928.

$145 / pr


# 2093

# 2094

Scotties on FencePhar hound logo

“Roman Horseman”

Circa 1928. Good condition.

# 2139

$85 / pr

Fisherman with Net bookends

“Fisherman with Net”

“Scottie Dog”

Circa 1928. Great condition.

Circa 1928, polychrome.

# 2108

# 2098

$185 / pr

$165 / pr

Scottie Dog bookendsPolo Player bookends by Littco.

“Polo Player”

Circa 1925, .Cold painted cast iron.

# 2117

$185 / pr

# 2125

$185 / pr

Pirate with Chest bookends by LittcoFisherman with Net bookends by LittcoVenus DeMilo bookends by Littco

“Venus De Milo”

Circa 1925. Excellent condition..

# 2131

$165 / pr

Roman Horseman bookends by Littco