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K & O Metal Novelties Company was in business from 1895 to 1939. They produced colorful and imaginative bookends from gray metal and bronze.  They sometimes used celluloid to fashion heads and hands as a substitute for ivory.  Use of celluloid in bookends was discontinued in early 1930s when new plastic became popular.  Most of their bookends were produced between 1928 and 1935.  They produced other novelty items and figurines from 1895 to 1929.  K&O’s bookend molds are now owned by Philadelphia Manufacturing.

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K&O (Kronheim & Oldenbusch)

Lost Hope, bookends by K&O

“Lost Hope”

Circa 1932. Extremely rare!

“Angelus” and ”The Gleaners”

# 3651

# 3653

$225 / pr

$250 / pr

Angelus and The Gleaners, bookends by K&O

Circa 1925 . Excellent detail and fine age appropriate condition.

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Parrot on a Book, bookends by K&O

“Parrot on a Book”

Circa 1928. Excellent condition.

# 3654


Awaiting Prey logoColt figurine

“Colt Figurine” 

White metal with bronze finish. Circa 1930.

# 6092