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In the late 1880s, P.Mori and Sons created the first commercially produced art metal industry in the United States in New York City.  While the science of “electroplating” dates back to early 19th century Europe,  P. Mori and Sons was the first American company to develop and use a new process of electroplating called Electroforming” as a large scale commercial venture.  They used the term “GALVANO BRONZE” to describe their new process, and registered it as the trade name of the company.    By the 1890s, a NYC competitor, The National Metalizing Company began using the electroforming process under the registered trade name “ARMOR BRONZE.”


Shortly after the turn of the century, the Mori family sold the company to its employees, who renamed it “POMPEIAN BRONZE CO.”


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 $225 / pr

# 1034

Circa 1911. Old, original.  Very rare, great condition.   


Galvano Bronze

Elephants, bookends by Galvano Bronze

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Country Kids”

Circa 1915. Extremely rare.    

# 1085

$375 / pr

Knight in Armor on Horseback”

Circa early 1910s. Bronze clad with polychrome.        

# 1118

$950 / pr

The Alter of Love bookends

The Alter of Love”

Circa 1920. Wonderful detail.

# 1078

 $325 / pr

Country Kids by Galvano Bronze photoKnight in Armor on Horseback by Galvano

”German Shepherd”

Gotham Art Bronze, circa 1930 . Statue or single bookend. Very rare.

# 1047


Mozart bookends by P.Mori & Sons Galvano Bronze


Circa late 1910s.  One of the oldest examples of Galvano Bronze.

# 1104


Dante Bust Bookends by Galvano Bronze

Circa 1913. Very rare.

Dante Bust”

# 1113

 $325 / pr

German Shepherd, bookends by Gotham Art BronzeLion bookends in bronze

“ Lion” 

“ Lion” 

LaFrance Bronze  circa early 1920s.  Extremely rare

# 1054

 $775 / pr

Nude Arching with Drape bookends by Gotham

“Nude Arching”

Bookends by Gotham Art Bronze, circa 1920.



Solitude, bookends by P. Mori & Son for Galvano Bronze


Bookends by P. Mori & Son, circa 1921.