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BronzMet was a distinctive logo patented by The Gift House, Inc. in 1922.They produced a large variety of sand cast iron bookends.  Gift House was in business from the early 1920s producing their own line of iron bookends with copyrights dating from 1924-1926.  At one time there was also a distribution liaison between Gift House and Nuart Metal Creations who was listed as a Gift House subsidiary.   All three bookend lines, hard hit by the Great Depression, were out of business by the mid 1930s.

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Gift House / BronzMet

Lost Hope bookends by BronzMet

“Lost Hope”

Circa 1925. After 1880s painting, “Hope”

# 2088

$110 / pr

BronzMet logo

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The Village Blacksmith, bookends by BronzMet

“Village Blacksmith”

Circa 1924.

# 2090

$125 / pr

Oriental Wedding Couple, bookends by BronzMet

“Oriental Wedding Couple”

Circa 1924. Lovely old patina.

# 2129

$110 / pr