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1890s-1957, Newark, Ohio — Renown for their high quality glassware from 1897 to 1957.  Our collection includes Heisey glass animals and vases from the late 1930s through the 1950s.  T.Clarence Heisey, a great horse lover, designed and introduced Heisey’s first glass animal, the Horse Head, in 1937. And don’t miss our huge Heisey Punch Bowl that dates back to 1913.  Heisey’s famous glass animals actually made it to Broadway in the 1945 Tennessee Williams play, “Glass Menagerie.”


Many Heisey pieces have been reissued by other companies. Not all Heisey glass has the embedded symbolic diamond “H”, and most paper stickers have been lost over time. The way to tell if its really Heisey -- it fluoresces yellow under a black light from the traces of uranium in the sand used for their glass. Other glass makers used this kind of sand before world war II, but the newer reissues do not and will not glow yellow. Since we don't own a Geiger counter, we use this black light method for testing. 


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# 4105

Circa 1941-1952. Great condition.

Standing Pony


# 4106

Circa 1941-1946.  Comic Figurine.


Heisey Glass

“Asiatic Pheasant”

Ringneck Pheasant

Circa 1945. A rare crystal treasure. In excellent condition. 

Circa 1942-1955. elegant and rare.

# 4112

# 4109


$375 / pr.

Pouter Pigeon No. 1

Circa 1947-49.  Rare and exquisite piece.


Fish Bookends

Circa 1942—1952. Only sold as a pair.

$395 / pr.

Horse Head Bookends

Circa 1937-1955. Sold only as a pair.

$395 / pr

Cornucopia Vase

Circa 1933. 7-inch Warwick Vase, #1428 in Heisey Collectors book.

Chanticleer Rooster

Circa 1939-1948. Crystal Vase. Absolutely beautiful.


Goose “Wings Half”

 Circa 1942-1955.


#  4117

#  4103

#  4114

#  4104

#  4113

# 4110

#  4108


Fighting Rooster

 Circa 1940-1946.  Hard to find in this great condition.

# 4111


Fish bookends by Heisey GlassHeisey Horse Head BookendsStanding Pony, figure by Heisey Glass CoOscar comic figurine in crystal by HeiseyCrystal Heisey Goose, wings half

#  4107

Crystal Heisey Goose, wings up


Goose “Wings Up”

 Circa 1942-1955.

Pair of Heisey Ringneck PheasantsChanticleer Rooster by HeiseyHeisey crystal Fighting RoosterHeisey crystal Asiatic PheasantHeisey Corucopia Warwick Vase Heisey Corucopia Warwick Vase

Circa 1933. 9-inch Warwick Vase, #1428 in Heisey Collectors book.

Cornucopia Vase


Sunburst Punch Bowl set by Heisey

“Sunburst” Punch Bowl Set

Circa 1903-1912. Elegant set with separate pedestal base.

# 4115

$450 / set

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Pouter Pigeon No 1 by Heisey Glass