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Cambridge began as National Glass in the early 1900’s making pressed glass items.   Their most collectible pieces are those produced in the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s, when they were producing their most popular Flower Frogs, figurines, and glass animals. Beginning the the 1920’s, they began using  their trademark “C” inside a triangle, although they did not mark all of their pieces.  In 1958 they closed their doors for good and their molds and equipment were purchased by the Imperial Glass Co.

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$295 / pr

# 4059

Circa 1940s. Solid heavy crystal bookends .


Cambridge Glass

Pouter Pigeon

Circa 1940s. Crystal fantail beauties!

# 4058


Circa 1920s. Crystal. Very scarce and in great condition.


# 4057

Heron, crystal flower frog by Cambridge Glass


Flower frog. Circa 1920s. Crystal. Hard to find piece.

# 4056


Lion, crystal figure by Cambridge GlassCambridge Glass crystal Scottie Dog bookends

$225 / pr

Cambridge Glass crystal Pouter Pigeon bookendsCambridge crystal Eagle bookendsCambridge Glass Draped Lady amber flower frogCambridge glass crystal Seagull flower frog

“Draped Lady”

Eagle Bookends


Circa 1935. Crystal. Perfect condition. 

Flower frog in amber. Circa 1930s.

Flower frog. Circa 1930s. Crystal. Perfect condition.

# 4062

# 4060

# 4063


$145 / pr


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