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Bradley and Hubbard

Circa 1925

“Hiawatha and Nokomis”

Price: $ 425 / pair



Hiawatha bookend photo 1Nokomis bookend photo 2Hiawatha bookend larger photo

“Hiawatha and Nokomis” – Bradley & Hubbard. Circa 1925. 6-1/4” h. Weighs 5-1/2 lbs. each.    “Iron with dark bronze finish. Longfellow quote: “Forth into the forest straightway, all alone walked Hiawatha, proud with his bow and arrows.” – Hiawatha.  The other bookend quote: “From the red deer’s flesh Nokomis made a banquet in his honor.  All the village came and feasted, all the guests praised Hiawatha. 


Not signed but has that famous B&H substantial weight, solidarity and magnificent attention to detail.  Another tell-tale B&H sign are the four drilled holes in the bottom corner of each bookend to hold  protective rubber feet.  Beautiful condition.  Extremely rare. 

Nokomis bookend photo 2



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