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A Brief Intro

Bookends of the early to mid 1900s are a remembrance of an industry born of the Industrial Revolution.  With the advent of new technologies for the mass production of books, a new age of literacy began, and reached nearly 100% in the western world for the first (and only) time in history.  Reading became not only a favorite pastime, but the books acquired became a profound symbol of knowledge, culture and status.  To compliment this new advance in literacy and enhance the display of books in the home, designers, sculptors and foundrymen crafted bookends in every conceivable theme, depicting a glimpse into our history. 


And, they make excellent gifts!!  Click on any of the themes below to find suggestions for your husband, wife, mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, son, friend, or lover in our  Items Listed by Theme:

We have one of the largest collections of fine antique bookends and vintage glass of the 1920s and 1930s


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Our collection includes vintage bookends from the 20th century manufactured in Bronze Clad,  Electroform (or Galvano) casting by Armor Bronze, Marion Bronze., Kathodion Bronze. , Pompeian Bronze, and a few by Galvano Bronze, LaFrance, and others.  Our Sand Cast Iron, Bronze bookends are by Bradley & Hubbard , Hubley, but we also have some by Verona, Connecticut Foundry, and more. We have several pieces in Permanent Mold Solid and Slush Casting manufactured by JB Hirsch, Jennings Brothers, Dodge, and Ronson , and even a few by X-1 Co, Frankart , K&O, and McClelland Barclay. Make sure to check out our “OTHER FOUNDRIES” listings as well.


Our vintage glass collection includes animals and figurines by Heisey, New Martinsville Paden City Cambridge , as well as others.  

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Important foundries and glass companies of the early to mid 20th century have since faded into history but will be long remembered for their quality in glass and metal-ware.  Artfully designed, cast and hand-crafted, all of our metal and glass collectibles are old and authentic.  Our collections include many extremely rare and very collectible antiques.

Early 20th Century Bookends